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"A couple of videos for anyone to watch:..."

in Islamophobia - same old politics, old as Pharaoh at 12:25 on 9 May 11

"so if there is this guy..."

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"Assalamu alaykum here's another answer: [url=http://ww..."

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"Wasalam Stop using capital letters, and refer to..."

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"I don't. Because I'm not gullible. I..."

in do u belive love at first sight at 10:52 on 27 Feb 11

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you happy happy person
(i was being sarcastic in case you didnt realise)

Amina at 11:16 on 14 Mar 12
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Assalamu Alaikum Bro :D it's been a while so i thought i'd just drop by a message becuase i had some free time! :) don't worry if you're too busy to reply, but if you do have the chance, come back onto muslim youth net! or Fb me :) Take care, wasalaam.

at 15:19 on 6 Oct 11
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hello, my is agace i love your profie here i want to be your friend. this my email id (agace.diane@yahoo.com)

at 20:29 on 5 Oct 11
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Where've you been Ummer? D:

at 20:25 on 7 Dec 10
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come back to MY big bro! :D

at 20:12 on 3 Nov 10
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HEY HEY! just thought I'd right on your wall :)

at 20:18 on 14 Sep 10
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Don't feel like you have to hold your tongue on
the fashion article!

Learning at 03:14 on 11 Sep 10
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faro0485 at 02:07 on 11 Sep 10
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