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Support Services - Out There To Help You

Support Services – Out there to help you!

Many young people find that when they are in trouble there is nowhere to turn to because they fear they will be rejected or judged. There are things that are deemed haram in Islam and although we strive not to commit them, sometimes young people find themselves in situations such as drug abuse that lead to alienation and suffering. Muslim families often conceal these problems in the family and do not always provide help in the right way as they do not know where to go themselves.

Also, there is large percentage of Muslim youths who run away from home every year, because they feel that they have nowhere else to go and this leads to people putting themselves in even more dangerous situations. Others feel trapped at home, as they know they cannot leave without completely cutting all ties and due to a deep rooted sense of loyalty; this type of isolation is just as damaging because it can lead to depression, alcohol and substance abuse, and destructive relationships.

There are a range of support services aimed for young people and this is article is aimed at raising awareness about a few of them.


Drugs and alcohol abuse

NAFAS: Bangladeshi Drugs Project:

Address: 10 Turin Street, Shoreditch, London, E2
United Kingdom

Contact Details: Phone: (0207) 7290044

Nafas is an Arabic word meaning freedom, breathing, precious self and its root word is Nafs meaning self. NAFAS is managed by the Bangladeshi Drugs Project which consists of Bangladeshi community members and professionals living in the borough of Tower Hamlets as a positive to tackle the immense drug problem in the area. It is resource striving to meet the drug related education prevention and treatment needs of the Bangladeshi community, particularly young people under the age of 18.

NAFAS services:

 1)      Treatment / Structured Day Care Programme- this is a Drop in Advice, information. Initial Assessments, and referrals to appropriate agencies,

2)      Drug Education Service – both school and community based.

3)      Outreach service- Information is in tune with its target audience and designed to trigger self-analysis and discussion.

4)      Training/support process LOCF and or NVQ accreditation. This intervention aims to increase the numbers of young people entering further education and finding       employment while offering an alternative to crime related activity.

5)      Talk Therapies at NAFAS, schools and community based.  


Refuge for women

A refuge is like a safe haven for anybody who needs a place to stay when they are not able to stay at home. They are usually in a secret location and all support and counselling is strictly confidential. Young women in the Asian community sometimes are put in very compromising positions by their family, such as forced marriages, and often suffer abuse from male members of the family or their partners. They feel they must suffer in silence and have nowhere safe to go to.

If you go to a refuge specifically for women, you will be given a key worker who will be in charge of your case and will be responsible for your well being. Many young women who leave home are often financially unstable therefore if you are unemployed the refuge will help you by placing you with Jobseekers allowance and Income Support.

Although, it differs in places, refuges such as the Refuge for Asian Women in Brixton, they will provide services such as giving you an assessment over the phone to see how in need you are and then they will take it from there. Girls are given their own room, but there is a communal kitchen and bathroom. If it is necessary, one can stay there for a year and the key worker will put them on the council to help look for housing.

Going to a refuge is not ideal and we are not suggesting that people should leave home just like that, but we should all be aware that we there are places we can go to,  rather than suffering in silence. There are many refuges located in London and around the UK: 

Asiana: Located in Yorkshire, 

Basildon Womens Aid: 

Womens Aid: 

Moner Shakti- Bricklane

Refuge for Asian Women- located in Hackeny, Greeenwich and Brixton.

Due to the fact that the location and contact details of these centers must remain confidential, the best way to get contact information is to contact the national women’s organization Refuge on 0808 2000 247 who will be able to direct you further.

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is there one in B'ham?

im currently having so much tention at home.

and its not once, but so many times.

can any1 msg me and let me know ASAP.



[1] hijabi_786 at 03:26 on 30 Dec 09 report this

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Salam all,

I have a sister who is a new muslim but is living with her Christian mother, however she is going through a really difficult time, her mum wants her out the house but she has no money an no place to go. since her conversion she has been through many tests but alhamdulilah she is still standing. She has not had the warmest of welcomes from the muslim community, so please if anyone can offer any advice or help it would be great.... Thank You.

Ws. T

[2] TaheraKhan88 at 23:52 on 21 Nov 09 report this

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Its very nice to read that these places are actually existing..... mashallah.... may Allah(swt) grant those who organise/run these places or have any say in these places jannah.... ameen

[3] ifra at 14:34 on 31 Oct 09 report this

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though i hail from nigeria but i cherish the hardwork done by you peopleto ensure that we young muslims are not lead astray.

[4] Ebrahim at 11:18 on 1 Oct 09 report this

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