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Issues facing Muslim Youth

As the new campaign Reelhood is up and running, we thought it might be interesting to bring you some facts about the key issues that we feel we are facing as Muslims and citizens of the UK.

This is just a small example of some issues that are at the forefront, but if you think that we’ve got it wrong or if there are any more that you feel you can relate to please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Did you know?

British Muslims

British Muslims are by far the most disadvantaged faith group in the UK labour market. They are three times more likely to be unemployed than the majority white group.

68% of Bangladeshi and Pakistani households are living below the poverty line.

46% of the British Muslim population are British-born.

Global Warming

This is an issue that is going to be faced by every individual. Humans have capitalised on natural resources like oil and gas, which has been estimated by experts to run out in the coming years. The weather is becoming abrupt and unpredictable, the glaciers and Antarctic are melting at a rapid rate, which consequently means sea levels are rising.

The United States is ranked number one as a global warming polluter compared to other large nations.

A "plastic soup" of waste floating in the Pacific Ocean is growing at an alarming rate and now covers an area twice the size of the continental United States, scientists have said.

In just over a week, we produce enough rubbish to fill Wembley stadium. Over half of that waste can be recycled.

Anti Terror Laws

The Anti Terrorism Act was formed in 2000, just before the attacks on the World Trade Centres. The Terrorism act was introduced to reduce conflict between East and West and make the public live in a safer environment.

Of the total 1228 arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000, only 132 were charged with terrorism legislation offences.

There have been 41 convictions under the Terrorism Act to date.

183 have been convicted under other charges: murder and explosives offences (including conspiracies), grievous bodily harm, firearms offences, fraud, false documents offences etc.

114 are at or awaiting trial.

UK Foreign Policy

UK foreign policy has a significant impact on many areas of the world including: AfghanistanIraq and the Middle East.

The total number of UK troops killed in operations in Iraq reached 174 in Dec 2007. By 2006 the total number of recorded Iraqi civilians killed was 44,206.

78 UK soldiers have been killed whilst on operations in Afghanistan since 2001.

Gang/Gun Crime

Gang culture is seen as a problem by one in five of England's secondary schools according to a report by the education watchdog Ofsted. Violent crime in the UK has significantly increased. Gang culture is seen as a status symbol for young people.

According to the Metropolitan Police gun crime is mainly committed by young men aged 16-25. Offenders and victims are getting younger and a disproportionate number are African Caribbean.

Shotguns can cost as little as £50 to £200

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Is it wrong if we don't marry?

[1] ZH95 at 00:28 on 21 Jun 14 report this

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i' d like to get married at 27, im 17 and want to finish uni
and be settled before i find someone (Y)

[2] sarah_j_jane at 16:09 on 26 May 14 report this

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i will like to encourage early marriage bcause in my country (NIgeria) muslim have always want to marry after aquiring Phd. Huge some of money before they get marry, but they end up in.
1. Zinah.
2. Bedwetting e.t.c

[3] abdultruth at 10:05 on 4 May 14 report this

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There are benefits and negatives to to getting married early and at an
older age, but what is most important Is being able to adapt to a
situation and make strong halal decisions and not to think with ahaha
our desires peace everyone

[4] Wasim at 03:56 on 27 Dec 13 report this

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im 17 I wouldn't mind getting married at this age but I prefer getting married wen im around 20

[5] bilalgang at 20:22 on 23 Dec 13 report this

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