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Many of us have always had dreams – these may have been big, small or completely random. In the words of my four year old niece who wanted to be ‘a flower’ – not all of these dreams may be likely but nevertheless she still believed it was possible. As a child we cannot comprehend the limitations a dream may involve – the possible societal, financial and mental pressures that may hold us back. We simply believe that anything is possible – then eventually we succumb to the boring reality of life and realise that we might as well set out our life in a conformist fashion and be content.  So the young aspirations of becoming a magician, footballer or a novelist quickly fade away into the dust of fairy-tale land.

Personally, I was an odd child – I always wanted to be some sort of academic. At the age of five, I had firmly decided that I wanted to become a ‘Historian Researcher’ after learning how to draw Tutankhamen’s face in my history lesson. Then after watching ‘Time Team’ endlessly on channel 4 and growing up to realise my aspirations were pretty dull I became interested in the art of journalism fuelled by my love for debating. I think we all flow through the ‘it-wont-be-possible’ faze and for me I was in that stage for a little too long than I would have preferred. So, I decided merely a few months ago to pursue all the dreams I had ever wished to achieve, I filled myself up with positivity and at times wishful thinking in order to push me to all the goals I had set out for myself.

I had always wanted to set up a blog, so I quickly began to create my blog and it quickly gained popularity however unforeseen circumstances made me delete my blog as I felt my confidence and positive outlook were diminished. However, I managed to pick up the pieces and ensured that a few negative comments will only help me to grow stronger and better than before – so back at it again I created yet another blog. The other dream was to create a business – something that I could cherish as my own new born baby, create the necessary publicity and boost popularity. The planning was extremely tedious; it involved many design errors and lots of drafting and re-drafting however I stuck through because I had my big picture in my head and that is all that matters.

Once it was ready to be launched – there was no response. I had put in the necessary hard work to ensure all my photos looked professional; the website was elegant, simple and pristine representing the ethos of the brand and my instagram had a string of followers. So I continued to pursue, I didn’t let my obstacles cloud my dream, I contacted different fashion bloggers daily and sent samples and thing began to pick up – I started to gain positive feedback and people began to be interested in what I had to offer.

My dreams may be hard to achieve, but I continue to strive no matter what problems life may throw on my pathway. We need to believe in ourselves and remember the inner child who was not afraid of anything – and hold onto that mentality in order to achieve success in our life. Nothing comes easy, without falling down a few times we cannot achieve the bigger picture, the bigger dream.

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