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Love it or hate it. Valentine’s Day is a day for people to celebrate love. In fact I say every day should be Valentine’s Day!
However who says we have to buy naff cards declaring our undying love? Why do we need to spend any money to show we love him or her? Who says we need to express love to a girl or a boy or a wife or a husband? Who says Valentine’s Day is not a day for single people or those without relationships?
We need to rewrite the rules of Valentine’s Day or claim it back and stop it being a commercial joke. Love is not bound by 14th February nor does it represent it well.
The point of Valentine’s Day is to remind us that love is everywhere even if we can’t see it. A card and gift may help us pin it down but it escapes words and holds no language. Love can’t be bought. It exists within us. We are love. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to connect with friends and family just like any other festival and share our love for each other.
OK you might be thinking I must be a flower picking, tree-hugging hippy, I assure you I’m not…though I do like flowers and trees!
I secretly would love the postman to deliver bags of cards and gifts expressing someone’s love for me, preferably someone tall, dark and handsome! Wouldn’t it be great to be loved by so many?! In fact Valentine’s Day is a non-event for me. I have received Valentines cards and gifts in the past, but I didn’t understand what intention they expressed nor did I understand love to fully appreciate them.
Love is a type of power and presence that exists in each and every one of us. We are born with it. Just look at how babies share love, joy and happiness so easily with a smile. A lot of us somehow forget how to do this, as we get older.
A lot of us don’t know what love is. Love is not just romantic love; it’s so much more than what we give it credit for. There are different types of love and different expressions of love. We can do the washing up for our parents, we get to know a friend, we can help an old lady cross the road, and we can do so much to bring a smile to people’s faces. An honest thank you can even do it.
When we think with love then it gives us power to exude positive energy and share positive thoughts and feelings with those around us. Some think that love is not for them. They deny others of their love. So how can you BE love?
For me, being in love is about taking a journey inwards and listening to my heart, body and mind to become free. Being aware of myself and accepting who I am is a good starting point to build on. This in itself is an act of love. It is true when you value yourself, by honoring your values, then others will appreciate you consistently and love you for being who you are. Listening to our hearts does somehow give us space to listen to others and share our attention and time - our resources of love.
Valentine’s Day is telling us to be the essence of love in our thoughts, speech and actions, to give to those who you care for and appreciate for being in your life throughout the year.
So don’t just seek love – be love and share it!
Happy Valentines Day to you all.
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why are you posting stuff about valentines day it is haram in
islam !!!!

[1] at 18:44 on 18 Feb 13 report this

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Valentine's Day is HARAM in Islam

[2] at 17:08 on 13 Feb 13 report this

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