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CLOSED - Faith through your lens competition

Thanks for all your entries! The winner will be announced on or before September 12 - Keep checking back to view the winning entries!
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It wasn't that easy to find it in the forum. A link to it would have been easier.

[1] ai at 19:04 on 7 Oct 11 report this

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Hi ai,

The winner of the competition has been announced! Check the blog pages :)

We also had two special mentions for entrants that the judges thought did exceptionally well and they are included in the listing.


[2] Em at 16:59 on 5 Oct 11 report this

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When are the results coming out? Who won what? its 25th of September.

Anyone know more about this please post.


[3] ai at 15:58 on 25 Sep 11 report this

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