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Dare To Hope


Dare to Hope Campaign is launched today to mark International Women’s Day

What is it all about?

Everyday a woman is abused, physically, mentally and emotionally. Everyday a woman suffers from depression. Everyday a woman suffers from an eating disorder. Everyday a woman attempts to cope by self harming. Everyday women Dare to Hope, Dare to Hope that someone will listen to them. Women are the strongest of characters, but they suffer in silence. We see mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, friends but we don’t see their depression, their isolation, their suffering, their pain. At Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH) we do see this everyday, when a woman calls MYH she is hoping someone will listen and share her suffering, and we do, but we need your help to continue listening, to continue helpline and empowering. We need your help to continue providing our service. Dare to Hope is all about talking about these issues and making sure that women continue to get the support they need!

How do you help?

Join us on and/or facebook by clicking here to tell us what you think on all the issues that affect women. The issues need to be discussed so the women suffering know that they are not alone!

An average call to the helpline costs £5

£5 is all it costs to help us give hope

£5 is all it costs us save someone, donate now by clicking here and help us to give hope

 What do you Dare to Do?

We want you to do something crazy to help MYH raise awareness of this issue.

We have people jumping out of planes in April, Chief Executives wearing wigs to important meetings and people walking through London on Mother’s Day raising awareness of the issues women face - what do you Dare to Do?

Do something creative and get people to sponsor or donate to the cause at

 “I had never ever spoken about my past to anyone before, but I felt the need to speak to someone for advice as my situation was not getting better. I rang MYH...Just speaking to somebody, who listened without judgement, has opened up doors for me which will never be closed.”

Asma (Helpline user)


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This reminded me of this site...

You can pick a charity of your choice to donate to and do
something incredible to raise funds for that charity. Anything
from small walks to climbing mountains at night

[1] Josie194 at 17:50 on 10 Apr 14 report this

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the abused women in the world needs to be helped.. i want to help them the best ways i can..the cruelty needs to be stopped immediately.. which means now....

[2] mohsina rahman at 13:38 on 16 Jun 11 report this

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