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In the year 61 AH, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed (saw), Imam Hussain (as) (also known as the second son of the 4th caliph, Ali) took his family to a land called Karbala. Why? The ruler of the time, known to be corrupt had asked for his allegiance and if it was not given, he would repay that with violence. This is what happened. The family gave their lives, from an infant younger than 6 months to old men, all to make sure the true message of Islam was saved and passed on throughout the generations. And so it has.

The team at mynet asked a few people the significance of Muharram and the tragedy to them. 

"I sat down with the mourners and listened to the Sayed recited azaa about Imam Hussain (as) calling out "Hel min nasirin yansuruna?" Is there a helper out there whole will help us...While shedding tears for Imam Hussain, I remembered the Imam of my time. He says this every single day and we are not answering him.  

The first night of Muharram has given me a great lift for the rest of this special month as I managed to gather again with my fellow brothers to mourn my beloved Imam Hussain (as) and to remember his tragedy and his family and the hardship they went through which is like no other." - Ali Hussain Al-Jenabi.

"Every event, the deaths of people, the choices made etc have their own qualities attached to it. I want to emulate these qualities in myself." - James Friday.

"Muharram for me is a time for self-reform. Every hero at Karbala has a faculty which I so emphatically lack, ant their stories and remembrance helps me to realise this. If there is one dominant effect that this holy month has on me, it is that I am humbled. The sacrifice of Imam Hussain (as) was so great and yet we as Shi'as probably don't live up to be worthy of that sacrifice. And I suppose it is with this thought as my motivation that I aim to reform myself  at this time every year." - Zahira Mamdani.

"Although Shahr Ramadhan has a large effect on my spirituality in a sense that I am consciously refraining from sin and trying to attain closeness with Allah (swt). I find that Muharram is the time where I feel most like a Muslim. In Muharram, I am able to define myself as a Muslim. It's a time that emphasizes unity. Sure, in Shahr Ramadhan, every Muslim from every school of thought is fasting. In Muharram, every human all over the world, regardless of which religion they follow is touched by the beautiful story and message. I refrain from sins and connect myself with Islam without even thinking during this month. Imam Hussain (as) called "Hel Min Nasirin Yansuruna?". He asked if there was anyone to help. I only hope that I can fulfil this call in some way during my life." -  Fatema Zainab Gheewalla.

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