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September had approached, the beginning of the academic year, a whole new institution, I was aiming high. Make or Break?

I went there on my own, but with so much determination to not leave on my own, as usual I was excited, this was a new  eye opening occurrence, I could be anyone I wanted, but I chose to make my own footprints instead of walking in the mist of a shadow as I used to.

The excitement was flowing week after week, meeting people after people, this journey surely was one not to be missed, yet I arrived late again and again to this place, where the guy at front speaks an alien language.

At the time I didn’t know what I wanted more, the huge amounts of followers, or as I called it connections, because later in life they would connect me to the world of success. Or did I go to there, just to get myself in the frame, so that those that love me would be proud to call me their offspring. Was it the frame or fame?

I guess it was a bit of both, I hated this robotic route, and I wanted an alternative route, something more articulate, the path of expression, trying to change routes but I was wedged, so I made the most of this path to flourish. I made connections on this route that I see today and hopefully for a long time to come.  I diverted from time to time, and made more connections. I was making footprints, not a shy bone in my body.

The robotic route was at the heart of it all, it demanded attention and more attention, which me and my fellow visionaries mastered time and time again, we all exerted our brain cells to accomplish what was excepted by whose in power. I was overwhelmed at the fact that the robotic route and the choice to make my own footprints turned out to be a winning combination.

At one point I was standing before the thousands and thousands of citizens, convincing and hoping to lead them with a vision of success, so I guess all those connections came in handy and will do for a long to come. I was there for the frame and fame which gave me more than, if we filled the place, full of trees and more trees that grow fruit to feed every hungry soul on the planet.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this had to be one the best decisions of my existence, it shaped, the person I am today. Here I go from one journey to another.

But they were right when they said that it’s the best 3 years of your life, the surprise was that I made it.


For those of you who have recently started university, how are you finding it? What's life like now? And for those that have finished or are about to start, what are your feelings? 

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