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Cue The Anxiousness; Results Are Here

In the days of this unpredictable summer weather, each day passes closer to Mid-August. For most adults or pre-teens this time frame has no meaning, except probably the end of summer and going back to school. But for GCSE, A Level and university students, it holds the key to what lies next. Results day. As time passes, the day grows closer and closer, almost every student has the nerves of this day. It’s a day when students find out their overall outcome of the several months they have been on their course(s), which can end in a sense of accomplishment or devastating tears.  

With the increase amount of applications and limited amount of university placements, this year proves to be much more competitive than any other. The results for A level’s prove to be not only the test of one’s knowledge but also an entry into university. So in this time before that day, as a student myself waiting for my results, I can’t help but wonder have I achieved what I wanted out of this year. Will that be proved by my results? Did I do everything I could to achieve the best? Now that I look back on my first year of college, there were things that I did then, that I could have done better – much better - now. And even though I have no exact idea what my results are, I know I’ve come out with so much more than I expected. Although people tend to worry about the results day, if you have put the effort in, you know you’ll be blessed with those same results you worked so hard to achieve – hopefully. 

There are always options if people don’t get the results they want or need. There are always second chances around. I’m not saying their easy to find, or easy to get a hold of, and most of the time you have to put yourself out there, and put all your energy into what ever you may want to be. You can achieve anything you put your mind to, and there are always other options, it’s never the end of your dreams or ambitions, it might mean putting them on hold for a little bit longer, but that’s only going to make you want it more. There’s always a way of accomplishing anything.

By Fatema J wishes all those receiving results in the following week the best of luck!

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Good luck to everyone getting their results.. I'm getting flashbacks on when mine came.. That was a killer!

[1] Madz at 12:19 on 19 Aug 10 report this

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