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Prison Campaign 2010

According to current statistics, Muslims constitute around 12% of the male and female prison population, more than 4 times their representation in the wider population.  

In October 2004, launched its inaugural campaign entitled “Behind Bars” during the month of Ramadan to raise awareness of the plight of Muslim prisoners. Following intensive online and media coverage, Muslim Youth Helpline in conjunction with and Muslim Chaplains nationwide, distributed gift packages and messages of support to 1,053 Muslims in 19 prisons. In 2005, the Prison Campaign won the CSV award for ‘the most heart-warming campaign’ and features in various radio and TV stations and national newspapers. Due to its continuous success, MYH have decided to run the campaign annually. 

This year our aims include:
Awareness - Raise awareness about the prisoners in communities, service providers and organizations
Intervention – Provide emotional support to prisoners
Reintroduction – Help re-introduce prisoners into the society.
We also aim to send out gift packs to around 4,000 prisoners this year. In each of these packs we are hoping to put individualized messages of support. Please write a message of support of between 100- 150 words and show the prisoners that the community cares.

Thank you

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So many people have been kind enough to send a message of support to a prisoner, but we still need more!

How you can help:

Please take 10-20 minutes out of your hectic schedule to write a message of support to a prisoner. We need to show the Muslim prisoners that the community is here to support them in any way they need. They will be receiving this message on Eid inshAllah.

Also, we will be packing the 4,000 gifts next weekend inshAllah and need volunteers! If you are interested in taking part please send a message to

We have managed to collect £2037 on online donations mashAllah! Please help us in encouraging others to donate on to fundraise our goal of £7,000. Any amount of donation will be beneficial for the campaign!

Help us come together to raise awareness!

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You could also email your messages of support to

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