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Hands up anyone sitting exams? Let’s face it, they can be stressful at the best of times, but they don’t have to be. This video clip shows what happened when 60 students found an amusing and unusual way to beat exam stress – think Mexican wave meets music and light show:

Students from London schools and colleges took part including Highgate Wood School, Winchmore Hill School, Mountview Academy and Italia Conti, and many of them are currently sitting exams. Those nice people at ChildLine are behind the clip and have also published a series of revision tips to help beat exam stress as well as tips from young people who talk about how to prepare for exams.

Perhaps if you’re stressing out about exams you might think of this clip and laugh to yourself at the idea of a Mexican wave in an exam room or if you’re worried about a mate who seems to be overly stressed about an exam you might cheer them up with this clip. If things get really bad you can always talk to a counsellor  online at or by calling  0800 1111.




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