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0's very first FORUM PARTY

The team @ have decided to hold all the mynet users the first ever forum party to celebrate the wonderful occasion of Eid Al Fitr!

A forum party consists of games with the randomest chats and topics you could ever have! It is what it is, a virtual party. Admins will host games and quizzes throughout the evening with real prizes to be won whilst users can host their own games as and when they feel like it - just for the fun of it! Ever wanted to make a random topic based on the most ridiculous thing ever? Here's your chance! Any topics (no spammers!) allowed! 

The events will take place on a new board set up for the forums, it'll soon become clear!

Thanks to Siratt for providing us with the prizes! Check out more of their products on ! 

So be there, if you dare on Friday 17th September 2010 @ 4pm - 11pm GMT. We look forward to seeing you! :)


For further enquiries please PM 'Learning' or e-mail ! 

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