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Video created by Humaira Din.  

To be honest we are all fashionable in some way. No one can claim they are not fashionable, because the way we carry ourselves, the clothes we dress ourselves in and the style we all wear whether we put effort into it or throw it on does say something about us.

As Muslims Allah SWT tells us to guard our modesty ‘and say that the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof’ (23:31).  Just like a home provides its inhabitants with warmth and shelter, clothing similarly gives its wearer a sense of comfort, protection and honour.

Hijablicious is an online style guide, aimed at the fashion conscious Muslim women in conjunction with its fashion column which features fortnightly in the Muslim Weekly.

I decided to create Hijablicious having been inspired by the fact that we are living in a new era where our identity is constantly being challenged and many young female Muslims feel torn between their religion, their ethnic background and the British culture which they have grown up in. It’s understandable for many young people that the way you look can be of incredible importance for a variety of reasons and thus it is a creative reflection of our personalities and who we are. Many women (this also applies to men!) already enjoy expressing their mixed identities though fusing fashion trends together and coming up with their own style since they don’t want to wear the revealing clothes that Western societies promote and at the same time some women although respectful of the traditional abaya/jilbabs sometimes find they are looking for a way to express their style more differently. Whether you always wear black or whether you choose to get all those vivid colour combinations rolling, there is no right or wrong way about being fashionable. The main focus to remember in expressing yourself is that modesty is maintained, this does not have to be boring and nor does it have to be dull. Instead, as Muslims we should celebrate our mixed cultures and identities through clothing, and it is important for us to show that expressing ones individuality does not necessary mean that clothing has to be revealing or tight. 


Since many sisters and also new Muslims find it hard to adapt to different types of clothing or putting together outfits, Hijablicious aims to review high street clothing and put together various pieces of clothing showing how you accessorise outfits and adapt them while still looking good.  Expressing yourself can also be done through creative ways of wearing and styling ones hijab’s. Many view the hijab as being boring however this could not be further from the truth. Women are becoming more aware and taking an increased interest and desire to funk up the hijab. This does not mean walking around with a Christmas tree on ones head! But with the high fashion hair accessories and scarves on the market, women are making their hijab’s look more creative and more personal and this is a very creative way of expressing your own individual style.


But being Hijablicious is not only about being style conscious, we should aim to ensure that as Muslims our fashion styles are allowing us to be environmentally friendly as well as socially and politically aware.  Recently I hosted a ‘Swap Part’ with my sister, which was covered by fashion magazine, Marie Claire.  Swap parties are a great way of recycling all your unwanted items that we have in our closets, and for all the ladies and gents out there you know what I mean! Clothes that still hang in our cupboards with the label or the pair of shoes that didn’t quite fit but we had to have! The aim is for people to exchange products, so they end up getting a few new items for their wardrobe without spending, well...anything, or donating the proceeds to a worthy cause! You can also use such events to raise money for charity, right now with the situation in Pakistan and the number of people needing our help; you can do something like this to give back to those less fortunate then us by simply relooking and recycling the items in your wardrobe. Allah SWT reminds us in the Quran, 'And be steadfast in your prayer and pay charity; whatever good you send forth for your future, you shall find it with Allah, for Allah is well aware of what you do' (2:110).

In the mean time why not become Hijablicious yourself by checking out the website or become a fan on facebook

Article by Samia Khan, editor of Hijabilicious

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very nice photos :)

[1] Sumeya at 13:58 on 17 Nov 13 report this

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Very nice the pictures are beautiful

[2] waks at 23:10 on 11 Aug 13 report this

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i hope the site is helpful for the fashionable Muslims in the world.....hav 2 check the website...thanx anyways.....

[3] mohsina rahman at 14:19 on 16 Jun 11 report this

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LOL only you! Aren't they all the same person?. :S

[4] Learning at 22:43 on 21 Oct 10 report this

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I actually want to marry the girl in the second picture wearing the brown and white LOL

[5] N16LndnAkhi at 14:17 on 8 Oct 10 report this

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