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Rami & Jamilah - The New Romeo & Juliet !!

After recruitment and collation, investment and education, standing, sitting, kneeling, whirring, drawing and shuddering and animals and Indian music


we are thrilled to the sticky soles of our feet to present:





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Constructive criticism for the video:

- Looks like it was made with a good intention,
jazakumUllah Khair
- The background music was a bit too much :)
- Close-up shots of Jamila's PJs: not quite appropriate.
- Some things like staring into each others eyes aren't
really necessary, and I think the message can be
conveyed in a more subtle way. Remember the purpose
of the video :) and the Islamic way of doing things is
- That said, I think that although the quotes at the end
were thought-provoking and a good idea, I'd have liked
to see a clearer message for those who are/may become

But it was a good idea to get Muslim Youth working
productively to get a good message across, jazakumUllah
khair and I pray Allah SWT guides us all to do what
pleases Him most and blesses and accepts our efforts.

[1] sisterS at 20:07 on 8 Jul 10 report this

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Salaam, Sister snazztec, when you said - "Does Islam
allow you to enjoy company of opposiste sex? Not if the
couple are married." - You meant not if the couple aren't
married, didn't you? No worries, I got you.

But I'd have to ask you for evidence when you say that if
walking to a school/college, "the legs of that personis
commiting zina."

We have to be careful what we say about hadiths, sis,
and that doesn't sound right if I'm going to
school/university to study in a halal way. If I were going
somewhere - anywhere - with the intention to do haraam,
that's a different story.


[2] sisterS at 19:56 on 8 Jul 10 report this

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erm..depends upon what your asking.

If ypu mean does Islam allow - dating or socialising with the opposite sex, for fun or entertainmnet then the answer is no. The evidence is simple - the Prophet even said stay away from Zina - aka - fornication - he said don't even come close to it. Even when one walks to a venue where zina migh take place e.g place of free mixing e.g. school. college louge areas etc then it is considered as though the legs of that personis commiting zina.

Does Islam allow you to enjoy company of opposiste sex? Not if the couple are married.

Does Islam allow you to find out - sist face 2 face withthe 'woman or man of your dreams' yes - on conditionthat the girls Mahrem (soem1 realted to her but she cannot marry e..g. dad, brother, uncle etc) is present in the room.

Does Islam allow Pakistan to maryybengali? SArab to mayyr somali? All is allowed if the person is a muslim - nationality is some made up idea - in Islam we dont give it the timeod day.


[3] snazztec at 23:05 on 24 Jun 10 report this

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that was amazing, it was so subtle but so many things I could relate to in there, and I loved the quotes at the end.

well done guys x

[4] ayna at 22:13 on 20 Jun 10 report this

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you will be delighted to learn that not only does islam allow this, it also allows many other things. i could give you a list but that would take a while. some of the things on the list are: printing out documents, eating seven mangoes in a row, jumping up and down on a bouncy castle, reading Spanish Golden Age drama, wearing tracksuit bottoms, etc. etc. etc.

[5] Zapata at 17:56 on 18 Jun 10 report this

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