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Section 44 (Reelhood Trilogy)

In response to recent research which shows that in London a person is stopped and searched every three minutes, is profiling the documentary Section 44 which looks at the concerns by young Muslims and the stop and search law.

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How does Stop and Search affect the Muslim community? Filmed in Brick Lane, the vibrant heart of East London, Section 44 speaks to individuals for whom Anti Terror Legislations have become an everyday annoyance. Interviews with Riazat Butt (Religious Correspondent Guardian), Sadiq Khan MP and Liberty address this politically contentious issue and how it is affecting Muslims today.

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but i see a pattern of those who keep getting searched.. hijab and beard.. hmm i'm sure there are terrorists in every faith/culture/religion/country
and anyways as most people think that people in a hijab and have a beard are terrorists, i'm sure thats not the disguise the real terrorist will
they shouldnt be so ignorant to think that terrorists have some sort of dress code which is just like the muslim dress code

[1] alliya786 at 22:37 on 9 Aug 09 report this

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Stop and search iss mad.. But then again they hav to do it initt..
If it means ppl are gonna be safe and that..
Its just not fair on the innocent ppl and the embarrasment..

[2] Sharifa at 00:19 on 9 Jun 09 report this

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raas stop and search is madness
buh i neva new it was unda a terrorist act i fought
it was just to chack youts for weapons like shanks n ting
buh down ma endz its mostly black boiis n few black girls
muslims hardly gehh stopped

[3] sensational soljahrette at 22:27 on 20 May 09 report this

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my car always gets raided lol
thy check 4 im nt that dumb! ha

[4] shaandaanyal at 11:36 on 19 May 09 report this

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looool i hve bn stopped and searched hundreds ov times

sum police officers are rude, i find it its usually the asian ones dat are da rude ones.

[5] ali_hussain at 11:08 on 18 May 09 report this

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