Info Zone is back was launched in October 2004 as Britain’s first guidance and support channel for Muslim youth.

In December 2004, just two months after its launch, was awarded the Purple Youth Silver Award for Best Support Site for young people and has been nominated for a Muslim News Award. In June 2006 made the shortlist in the New Media category at the Race in the Media Awards 2006 organised by the Commission for Racial Equality. The most recent award won was in 2007 for the Malcolm X Young Person’s Award (Muslim News Awards).

When was launched in 2004; it was fresh, vibrant and appealing with its approach, design and style. The World Wide Web has been growing at a magnificent pace and is ever expanding with new and innovative technologies. It is for this reason that the decision was made to redevelop in order to keep up the growing trends and maintain a level of engagement with its users.

The aim of regeneration is to develop and maintain a dedicated safe space for young Muslims.

Campaigns – The main section of the will be campaigns driven, where bi-annual campaigns are run on various issues that young Muslims are current facing in the political and social climate. The campaigns sections will have articles, multimedia uploads, comments and responses and will the most active part of the site.

Profile Pages – This section of the site is where users of the site will be able to profile their hobbies, interests and their characteristics to other users. It will give them the ability to network with other users of the site and strengthen informal peer support networks. Another strong aspect of this feature is that users have the ability to upload multimedia which they can share with their networks.

Forum – the community section has always been a vital part of the make up. The forum will give users the chance to discuss, within a safe space, issues that have arisen from the campaign and blog sections.

Live Chat – This area will give users of the site the opportunity to engage with prominent figures from Muslim and non-Muslim communities and will give them a valuable platform from which to ask questions and have live chats with individuals.

Competitions – young Muslims will have the opportunity to take part in fun and exciting competitions with some fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Polls – users can use this feature of the site to have their say on a variety of topical issues ranging from organ donation to the latest Harry Potter movie!


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i like the website its kewl.. i think it should have a chat room so you can talk to youths whe are online at the time.. it would be awsome if it had a virtual world where you make your little muslim charecters or if it had a playlist and you can decorate your pg so other muslims can see what you like wat is your personality wat kind of music you like and what would you rather wear.

[1] iluvsiair at 20:05 on 17 Nov 09 report this

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Hi Cherry, welcome to, its good to see you are a new user, i guess there are different ways in which you can use the site. The forum gives you an opportunity to talk about what you want to talk about with other young Muslims, the campaigns section will have lots of articles which will be going up on certain issues young Muslims have to deal with such as relationships, mental health, identity...etc.

You can comment on these and also upload your own responses by uploading videos to your profile page. Let me know how you get on!

[2] RHK at 10:27 on 8 Jun 09 report this

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Im A New User so ppl i dont really understand diz site nd how 2 use it ...... someone who can tell mee???

[3] x.X.CherrYx.X. at 18:24 on 6 Jun 09 report this

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dont like the profile pages

is the campaign going to be updated

its in alright website, when there will be more stuff on the site, it shud be much better

[4] shaandaanyal at 11:31 on 19 May 09 report this

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im a new user of the site, but i like it its cool place...i like these films that u hve put on

will there be more of them?

[5] ali_hussain at 11:08 on 18 May 09 report this

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