About MuslimYouth.net

MuslimYouth.net is Britain’s first guidance and support channel for Muslim youth. The site is designed and managed entirely by young people who reflect the diversity of Muslim communities in the UK.

The project is supported by Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH), a confidential telephone and e-mail counselling service for young people. Many of the issues profiled on this site, reflect the concerns of young people who contact MYH.

muslimyouth.net aims to raise awareness of the different social problems that affect young Muslims and provide culturally sensitive guidance to young people. The site encourages young Muslims to develop peer-support networks, access specialist services and care for their social and mental wellbeing.

By profiling the real experiences of Muslim youth in a public forum, muslimyouth.net aims to confront the cultural stigma attached to common social issues such as mental health, drug abuse and sexuality. The forum and chat rooms will allow young Muslims to talk openly and anonymously about the issues that affect them without fear or community reprisal.

muslimyouth.net does not promote any religious or political ideology. We aim to empathise with the cultural and religious context within which these problems exist, whilst remaining objective so that young people can make informed and personal choices about their lives.



What religious opinion do you follow?

muslimyouth.net aims to raise awareness of different social problems affecting young Muslims and the cultural and religious conflicts these issues sometimes raise. We do not provide religious rulings as this facility is provided by other internet websites. Our aim is to profile the social condition of young Muslims, encourage young people to build peer-support networks and access services which will help them overcome their difficulties and concerns.

By discussing sensitive issues, are you not encouraging un-Islamic behaviour?

The absence of support services which target marginalized Muslim youth, has left young people with no where to turn to for guidance on a range of social problems. By profiling these issues, we aim to raise awareness of the suffering endured by Muslim youth, provide relief for young people and encourage a positive community response to the social needs of young Muslims.

Why do you not condemn issues like homosexuality and abortion?

muslimyouth.net aims to profile the fully array of social issues which affect the lives of young Muslims. We believe that all young people have the right to access support and guidance regardless of their beliefs and practices. Whilst we do not condone behaviour that conflicts with Islamic teachings, we believe that condemnation leads to alienation and isolation, which in turn creates barriers for young people who need access to support and guidance. Why are swear words used in some of the articles? Many young people, including Muslim youth, use swear words to express their feelings and emotions. Whilst we do not tolerate personal insults, abuse or graphic language, we are committed to removing barriers and censorship which restrict young people from expressing themselves and convey distorted, ‘palatable’ images of social problems.

By talking about these issues in a public forum, are you not portraying Muslims in a bad light?

Social problems are indiscriminate and prevail within all communities. By choosing to address the issues that young people face in a sympathetic and tolerant manner, we portray the image of a compassionate community that is concerned about the welfare of young people.  How are you actually helping young people? For many young people, muslimyouth.net provides the only opportunity to seek relief by expressing their social concerns anonymously and without fear or community reprisal. The site offers young people practical guidance on different social problems, an opportunity to build peer-support networks and share coping mechanisms as well as access to a comprehensive database of specialist services across the UK.

How can I contribute to muslimyouth.net?

muslimyouth.net encourages young people to share their experiences and contribute to our Guidance Zone by submitting articles by e-mail to articles@muslimyouth.net. If you would like to volunteer for muslimyouth.net, please submit an e-mail to volunteer@muslimyouth.net for an information pack.